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6 Tips for Fear of Commitment 12.1.14


Synonyms: dedication, devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, responsibility.

"Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose — and commit myself to — what is best for me." ―Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

I used to be afraid of commitment.  I have a feeling you are or have been too.

When we think of commitment, we often think about relationships.  However, there are so many other things that require our commitment, small to big.  I recently committed to making our bed every morning… I’m talking about committing to wash the dishes after dinner, commitment to bringing your all to your job, commitment to what you said you were goin gto do, something to your own personal growth, committing to healing, anything, my friend!!

My fear of and resulting lack of commitment didn’t keep me safe nor did it allow me freedom.  It kept me stuck in limbo.  I was never really happy, although I told myself I was.  I wasn’t really living either.

Overtime, I gently took my own hand and took little leaps of faith committing to things that were right for me and were calling me in each area of my life.  I took baby steps, you guys.

What I’ve learned is that on the other side of commitment lives your life.  When aren't committing (to anything), we remain stuck.  We aren't saying "yes" and we aren't saying "no" either.  Energy isn't flowing, it's stuck.

On the other side of commitment you’ll find a

How to Heal Food Issues During the Holidays 11.18.14

When Blocks are Blessings 10.27.14

I have been on a writing streak lately.  Blog posts and articles have been flowing like a well-running faucet.  However, a few weeks ago this wasn't the case…

I was feeling blocked when it came to writing.  When I would sit down to write, I would feel this heavy weight on my shoulders and a paralyzing feeling in my hands. I wondered, "why isn't this working?"

I had set aside the time. I sat with my hands on the keyboard and my writing mug was filled to the brim with coffee nearby. Nothing came.  Deadlines and expectations (others and my own) added anxiety to my frustration and confusion.

Days later, I had a lightbulb moment. I realized I was feeling blocked. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to say or didn't have enough information about a topic, it was that I was blocked.

I realized that I was focusing on writing what I thought I "should" be writing.  I was afraid to let my real voice come through.  I was convinced that the pieces I was working on needed to look and sound a certain way.

I knew I  couldn't get around the block without doing something different. Afterall, that's why the block was there: to get me to alter my course… to something better.

I realized what I needed to do was allow myself to write authentically and trust that the message I had to share would be well received.  I had to step into vulnerability because that would be the path to the blessing--my beautiful desired outcome that I could feel in my

How to Breakthrough Negative Thinking 10.10.14

Our thoughts are the crayons that color our world. The drawing that we create on the outside is a direct reflection of our internal landscape. Although we think thousands of thoughts each day, in general, they’re not all random. There’s a consistency to our mind chatter. Over the course of our lives, we develop a framework of thinking that often remains consistent unless challenged and consciously changed.

In general, we don’t question our thoughts unless they are causing us stress. What do I mean by our thoughts causing us stress? Have you ever noticed the link between a thought you think and how you feel moments after? Have you ever noticed the link between the thoughts you think, how they make you feel and then, as a result, how you act in the world?

Imagine this. Your day is going just fine. You had your coffee this morning and maybe even fit in a meditation session. You’re wearing your favorite shoes and your hair even came out the way you wanted it to. Everything at work is running smoothly and you are cruising through your to do list . All of a sudden, you remember that your date from last night said that he/she was going to call you in the morning to chat about getting together again tonight. You realize it’s 3 pm and he/she hasn’t called. Some rendition of the following thoughts start to run through your mind.

“Is he/she never going to call?”
“Does this mean he/she doesn't’ want to see me?”
“I must have said something I shouldn't ha

Cracking the Confidence Code: 2 Secrets to Overcoming Low Self-Esteem 9.22.14

If you're someone who is letting your lack of confidence in yourself hold you back in life, then this video is for you.  In this guidance video I share my take on how we can all start to feel more confident by taking 2 simple yet powerful steps.  Give these 2 tips a try this week and notice the shifts.

In the comments below, let me know the action step you're going to take this week.


A New Perspective on Healing 7.29.14

I want to share with you a message that I am continually reminded of about the nature of healing our bodies.

When we are dealing with a chronic health or food challenge we often look in all of the wrong places for healing and that is because we are not in the right mindset. We are coming from or being directed from a place of fear.

I share more about this message in the vidoe below. Please take a peak and let me know what you think.

A New Perspective on Healing