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Arriving, Magic & Mentoring 5.14.15


Arriving, Magic & Mentoring

I'm relaxed.
I've released.
I've arrived.
I am home.
I couldn't hold it all together anymore, so I let myself fall apart.
Life caught me.
Coming back together again took a combination of hard work and magic.
Spiritual grit and effortless miracles.
Intuition and synchronicity led the way and I said yes to the assignments life handed me.
I accessed the knowledge we all share deep inside.
I learned, bit by bit, that my life is meant to work out.
I was shown my true nature and fell in love.
I went on long walks and would look up at the sky and out at the trees and would be reminded that I, we, belong in this universe.
It is our home.
A good home offers safety, protection, love and nurturance and this home we all share is no different.
I can't say it will be easy now but at least I won't be homesick.
A Course in Miracles tells us that happiness is our only function. It often doesn't feel this way because we've detoured into fear and have forgotten our way home to ourselves. Lately, coaching clients have told me that after working together, they now feel comfortable in their own skin. Here are some of their words...

"Working with Lauren didn't feel like work at all. It

The Spaces in Between 4.8.15

Although it’s now officially spring, it feels like we’re in the space between seasons. We’re in a gap. It’s neither warm and dependably sunny nor unbearably cold and dark. The air still holds a chill and the snow continues to surprise us with the occasional fall. We have had a sprinkle of warmer days and the sun has made itself known, so we are hopeful of spring’s settling in.

Even with a rather emotionally dry topic like the weather, the transition from season to season brings its challenges. This year, the winter was anything but mild and brought more snow than we had ever imagined it would. We’ve gotten hints of spring and it has felt wonderful. The question that comes to mind for me is: Can we be here without needing to be there?

Lately I’ve noticed that many of us are finding ourselves in one way or another, in the spaces between here and there. One has let go of the old and is awaiting the arrival of something new. Or maybe one is still in the beginning of something new that hasn’t solidified or settled yet.

For example, a new job has arrived and there are still weeks to work at the old one, or perhaps a new phase of a relationship feels neither separate nor completely connected. Or maybe a desire and intention for change has moved the ground beneath into uncharted territory.

Things are up in the air, and not in the way the traditional phrase implies with that sort of careless uncertainty, but in the air to be moved from one

I Was Locked Out in the Cold & it Was a Miracle 3.2.15

I don't think of purpose as something we "find," I think of it as something we "are." ~Marianne Williamson

At the end of the month, I will be holding an in-person workshop at my home in the Boston area. (There is still space if you’d like to join us). The topic that we will be “workshopping,” if you will, is Finding and Connecting to your PURPOSE.

While Purpose is a hot topic these days in the self-help and personal development communities, we’re going to be treating it less like the newest trend and more like a sacred jewel that contains wisdom of its own. Were going to do less searching and thinking and more feeling and knowing for our purpose lives inside of us and not outside of us.

Something happened to me last week which reminded me that we are all part of a greater plan, a greater purpose that works for us and with us. Here’s what happened...

I was sitting at my kitchen table working away on the upcoming workshop. My “Soulful Work” playlist played in the background and I sipped on my favorite tea as my fingers played the keyboard storing my ideas. I was in the flow.

Needing to stretch my legs, I decided to go grab our mail and soak in a moment of fresh, yet cold air, reminding myself that an entire world existed outside of my cozy home office. I stepped outside and grabbed a handful of mail.

Feeling shocked by the brutally cold air, I reached for the door to leap back inside. Except the door I expected to let me back int

A Tool to Combat Modern-Day Exhaustion 2.25.15

Several years ago I found myself feeling chronically tired and irritable by the end most days of the week.  Whether I was at home crossing off things on my To-Do list or at work tending to the task at hand, by the middle of the afternoon, I would find myself so exhausted and irritable that I wanted to cry or eat a box of cookies or hide in the corner.  Like most of us, I’d push through these feelings by drinking a cup of coffee, eating a snack or by sheer mental will.  Without a doubt, I’d arrive home at the end of the day feeling too tired to do anything enjoyable and too spent to give of myself to those that I loved.

During that time, I spoke with a friend of mine about how crappy I was feeling who suggested I “take a break” everyday.   I laughed, but also felt a sinking feeling that, yes this is something I need to start doing.  I wanted the solution to my afternoon and evening crash to be complex and savvy, but really, this simple idea provided me with the most benefits.  It's the simple things most of us are not doing that will benefit our minds and bodies the most…

Modern day society is set up to pull us out of balance.  We’re expected to work long hours with little time for breaks and juggle multiple responsibilities outside of the workplace.  While living our daily lives we are bombarded by stimulation of all forms and our minds are moving faster than ever trying to keep up with technology and the tens of things we need to do.  On top of

Do I Create My Own Reality? 1.13.15

There's a lot of talk in the healing world about "creating your own reality." You are responsible for the world you see and you have the power to change/alter it. The idea is based on the Law of Attraction, which states that "like things attracts like things."

This theory states that we create our reality by drawing to us that which is like our state (our thoughts/feelings/what we envision). So, if we create positive thoughts and feelings, then we will create a happy reality. Yay! At the opposite end of the spectrum, if we think and feel negative thoughts and feelings, then we will create an unhappy and stressful life. Yikes!

I have worked with several clients who have worried about how this concept would effect their life during a difficult time or even during a normal time during which they experienced a flux of emotions and thoughts--positive and negative. I wonder if you can relate to this… I sure can!

They told me something along these lines, "I've been stuck in a fearful place lately and I can't seem to shake some of these negative thoughts I'm having. I'm so freaked out that I'm going to make them come true or that something bad is going to happen to me. I also worry that as a result of my negative thoughts and anxious feelings, I won't be able to get the things I want because I'm not thinking positively and feeling happy."

First, based on this way of thinking (we create our reality), this fear makes so much sense. And truly, it is the thoughts we think r

A Fresh Take on New Year’s Resolutions 1.6.15

This January, set aside a few hours to connect to the year 2015 in a gentle yet powerful way.  Quiet your mind and make yourself cozy.  Create that wrapped in a blanket, drinking your favorite cup of tea with a pet sprawled out in bliss on your lap kind of feeling (whether that’s what you are actually doing or not, and do not actually do this if you are allergic to said pet).

Bring your journal or a few note cards. Sit in meditation for a few minutes.  Connect to your heart space.  Sit with your beautiful self.  Self-love is an action.  Blast yourself with your own love.  Know that you already are worthy and sit in your worthiness.  No questions asked.

Imagine a box next to you.  Anytime fearful or negative thoughts or feelings arise during this time, just place them into the box and return to your heart.

Play some mood music that makes you feel alive.

Start by writing a gratitude list from 2014.  Allow yourself to feel into all of the feelings that arise as you make this list.  Fill up at least an entire page.  Yes you can!   Now write a list of celebrations from 2014.  What were your best moments?  Your A ha's?  Now ask yourself, what are you ready to let go of from 2014?  It is safe to feel into this.  You need to let go to create room for more.  I'll out myself here, I decided I needed to let go of excessive worrying about things I can't control and self-criticism.  Reflecting on 2014 I could see how much these things wer