I love speaking with groups. Speaking represents a unique opportunity to gather a group of people together to not only learn about a topic of common interest but also to connect with kindred spirits. In speaking engagements, I aim to educate, support, and inspire participants.

I am available for speaking in front of a wide range of audiences, from corporations to yoga studios and fitness centers, to book clubs and private events.

Below are topics I am available to speak about for your group. We can also work together to customize a talk to your audience based on one of these topics.

flowWHO’S TEAM ARE YOU REALLY ON? How getting on your own side and loving yourself creates vibrant health, inner peace and unshakeable happiness and squashes bad habits

3 Tips for Decreasing Fatigue and Overwhelm Through Nutrition
Learn what, when and how to eat to transform the quality of your life.

EATING & SLEEPING FOR THE SENSITIVE SOUL A 2 hour workshop to learn simple habits to help you feel consistently energized and peaceful everyday


for more information on how to hire me for your next speaking engagement.