In Times of Stress Remember This

When we are knee-deep in the daily grind of everyday life, it’s easy to forget about the loving presence that surrounds us and runs through us. When we fall prey to reacting, worrying, and analyzing, and addicting, our vision contracts and so do our bodies. The transient stress of the moment pulls at us so much that we feel like we’re frozen in time in an endless winter.

At once we’ve forgotten the most important truth: that we are cared for by life itself.

Without this knowing, no wonder we feel anxious, edgy and angry.

We’ve forgotten that an eternal wishing well dwells in our minds and our hearts.

We’ve forgotten that “real” magic runs through our veins.

We’ve forgotten that change is the only constant and that all change is beneath the surface, positive.

In general, throughout our lives, we move so far away from these knowings that being able to come back in the moment of tension or when we feel ourselves drifting to stress land and planet fear is mission impossible because we’ve programmed ourselves to follow this pattern instead of the pattern that was planted there moons ago. It’s ok it’s what we’ve learned. But it’s time for an unlearning experience.

The answer is not to lose hope but to accept the task of reprogramming ourselves to remember. We practice the remembering so that in time it becomes who we are and how we move through the world and so we don’t need to be knocked over the heads to remember what is true and comforting. We must take time out each day to practice remembering so that when we find ourselves lost and hardened we can remember and soften.

I suggest that when we wake, before our feet hit the ground, we sit up in our beds and close our eyes and breathe deeply for at least 5 minutes or at least until we remember who we are and we feel that we are loved by life itself even if it’s for an instant.

Then I suggest we stretch, pray, or read something uplifting to set the tone for our day and to awaken our hearts. And might we also do something sweet for someone else whether it’s giving a lingering hug or doing an unexpected chore or taking on a random act of kindness. In these acts may we open and expand and step into vulnerability but also quiet strength.

Oh, then how different our days and nights would be…

Then we might carry this energy with us through our days so that the daily grind becomes our daily opportunity for love. This time when we start to notice that we’ve forgotten, we don’t blame ourselves for reacting or worrying. We instead take that moment and we use it to notice where we’ve ran off to and gently agree to come back. We get to pause and remember. An invisible shift can occur and like that we are back to the moment that is singing its sweet song for us to come back and flow with it all.

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