I Was Locked Out in the Cold & it Was a Miracle 3.2.15

I don't think of purpose as something we "find," I think of it as something we "are." ~Marianne Williamson

At the end of the month, I will be holding an in-person workshop at my home in the Boston area. (There is still space if you’d like to join us). The topic that we will be “workshopping,” if you will, is Finding and Connecting to your PURPOSE.

While Purpose is a hot topic these days in the self-help and personal development communities, we’re going to be treating it less like the newest trend and more like a sacred jewel that contains wisdom of its own. Were going to do less searching and thinking and more feeling and knowing for our purpose lives inside of us and not outside of us.

Something happened to me last week which reminded me that we are all part of a greater plan, a greater purpose that works for us and with us. Here’s what happened...

I was sitting at my kitchen table working away on the upcoming workshop. My “Soulful Work” playlist played in the background and I sipped on my favorite tea as my fingers played the keyboard storing my ideas. I was in the flow.

Needing to stretch my legs, I decided to go grab our mail and soak in a moment of fresh, yet cold air, reminding myself that an entire world existed outside of my cozy home office. I stepped outside and grabbed a handful of mail.

Feeling shocked by the brutally cold air, I reached for the door to leap back inside. Except the door I expected to let me back into my warm, cozy home was LOCKED. Yes, I locked myself out. I looked down at my feet. I was in my socks.

My immediate reaction was, Universe, you gotta be kidding me!

There I was, no jacket and no shoes, standing outside on a sheet of ice in sub 20 degree weather. No spare key, no cell phone, with my fiancé away on business.

Years ago, I would've gone into a complete panic mixed with anger at life and with myself: why is this happening to me? Why didn't I get a spare key when we first moved in?

On my path, I’ve been taught by life itself that life is not happening to us it’s happening for us. I’ve learned that fear creates more fear but love extinguishes fear and creates clarity and miraculous solutions to even the most challenging problems. So love it was.

Surprisingly, I felt completely calm despite my cold shaking body. I thought, is this like the “walking on fire challenge” people do at personal development retreats as I walked across the ice, soaking my feet but not feeling a thing.


I reminded myself that this was not bad karma for not having a spare key outside.

I decided the best option was to flag down the first car that drove down our street to see if I could use someone’s phone. I had no lifeline but life itself.

There I stood on the curb, leaning into the street waiting for the next car to stroll down our thin snow packed road. Moments later, my heart started to race as a car approached. Trying not to look like a crazy hitchhiker, I quietly waved at the woman in the car. She pulled over.

I landed in my heart and looked into her eyes and told her what had happened. Without hesitation, she offered me her phone and a moment later, seeing that I wasn’t wearing any socks and that I was just barely holding back tears, she opened the passenger side door and told me to sit where it was warm to make my phone call.

She patiently and compassionately waited as I tried calling a friend who did not pick up. This beautiful woman then asked if I would come to her house to warm up and take my time finding someone to help me get back inside. With her invitation, I felt a rush of peace wash over my body. I felt held by life. I again committed to grounding in love despite the circumstances of not knowing how I was going to get inside my house and how I was going to finish a full day’s work. That didn’t matter. I was warm. I had a place to sit and I met a new friend.

Although the circumstances seemed stacked against me--no spare key, fiancé away, no one answering their phone, I knew my purpose was still to choose love and to act from that place. Despite my mind racing with all sorts of scenarios, all of which involved me not being able to get back inside, I made an effort to connect with her.

Making small talk, I told her what I did for work and her eyes perked up. She resonated with this work.

Eventually, she had to run out of the house to tend to what the rest of the day demanded of her, but she insisted I stay as long as I needed and that I keep her phone until I reached someone. I could’ve easily ran with fear that this happened TO ME.

Instead, I said to myself, what is my purpose here? I chose to be an instrument of gratitude and love.

I thanked this woman profusely yet genuinely and took down her phone number. Eventually, I was able to get back into my house. I felt energized by this situation instead of exhausted by it.

The next day, I stopped by her home with fresh flowers. This gesture brought her to tears. We talked about possibly working together doing some coaching. I think every person on this planet could benefit from someone deeply listening to them and this woman was no different. She told me of how much she needed something like this right now. We hugged, holding the embrace for a moment.

This was no longer a story about getting locked out in the cold with no shoes. It was about meeting an incredible woman and staying on purpose, on love. I saw this and made this connection with this woman because I chose this perspective.

This miracle occurred in part as a result of both of our choosing love over fear by being open instead of closed and being HELPFUL AND PURPOSEFUL. In writing for my purpose workshop, I realized we always have a purpose. Our purpose connects us to another even if we are not with others, our purpose increases the amount of love on this planet and in our own hearts and it is divine even if it seems ordinary.


If this topic of connecting to your purpose jives with you and if you are interested in learning a different way to think about your purpose, one that is powerful, simple and life changing, then please consider joining us for the workshop. It will take place on Thursday March 26th @ 7 -9 PM.

To sign up for the workshop, email me Lauren@laurenmariedeluca.com with "Purpose Workshop" in the subject-line. There is $35 investment required to attend the workshop. There are 5 spaces left. Please share with others if you know of anyone who could benefit.


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