I was feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded when I sought out Lauren's coaching assistance. I was looking for a way to focus my energy. Working with Lauren didn't feel like work at all. It felt more like she was a guide who was bringing me back to myself.  She equipped me with the tools to remain grounded and focus my energy, in large part by helping me to identify what is truly important to me in my life right now as well as those things that were holding me back. I am now more nurturing to myself, less hesitant to ask for help, and more likely to take positive action despite being fearful.

— J.L.M.

I really enjoyed the call! Everything you discussed was so applicable and helpful! I now feel capable of starting this holiday season with a clear and healthy mind and HEART! I appreciate your guidance!  

— Lauren C.

Working with Lauren has changed my life on multiple levels. We started our work together during a very challenging time in my life. Lauren took the time to learn about all the aspects of my life and to help me focus on the things that I can control. She eased my mind by teaching me to use positive forethoughts in my decisions around my food choices. She helped me to realize a number of ways that I can fit exercise into my busy life. Using the lessons I learned from Lauren I now have more energy; I’m working fewer hours; I’ve lost weight and my personal relationships are better than ever. I’m excited about my new commitment to a better life.

— Jane

I have been working with Lauren for the past 4 months, and every session with her is inspiring, motivational, and educational. She is extremely smart and can create a customized and personalized plan for you depending on your goals. I have changed the way I eat and exercise, as well as adopting principles that go beyond food into my daily routine. She is a phenomenal health coach, yoga teacher, exercise instructor and can integrate all of her skills into your personalized steps to reaching your goals. Lauren is amazing, I highly recommend her to anyone looking to become the best version of themselves!

— Lara

Lauren combines a wealth of knowledge about health and wellness along with a pleasant and empathetic demeanor. She is willing to spend as much as necessary with you to help you reach your goals. She is realistic and sets forth manageable goals that when combined add up to big results. With her help, I lost weight, am sleeping better, and feel much healthier. I was so impressed with her services that I had her give a seminar to my entire company. She is the best.

— Jason

Working with Lauren has been a wonderful experience. Over the past six months, I’ve become more confident in myself, improved my health, gained energy and lost weight. I also now have the tools for staying that way. One of the best things about working with Lauren is her wide breadth of knowledge and her ability to give recommendations that will work specifically for you. Lauren doesn’t just give you the tools, she truly cares about her clients, is genuinely supportive and approaches personal issues around life and food with kindness and insight.

— Sally

Before working with Lauren, I was adjusting to a career move that I was very excited about. However, I was also putting additional pressure on myself to perform well and as a result, I was having trouble functioning to my full potential. This is why I sought out Lauren. The program I did with Lauren was excellent. She was extremely thorough. In the beginning, after a detailed initial evaluation, Lauren and I reviewed what I wanted to get out of our working together. Lauren took that very seriously and mapped out a plan for working together. Lauren genuinely cares and is as invested as you are in helping you better your life, which really shows. In the end, I was able to incorporate useful tools and tactics such as meditation, yoga and healthy eating habits that Lauren suggested in addition to hearing Lauren’s independent perspective on how I could improve my life and reduce stress unique to me. I feel 10x more prepared and confident in dealing with and working through the numerous challenges of work and personal life.

— Matt

I’ve only been working with Lauren for a short amount of time, but I am thrilled with how much I’ve learned from her. She is very knowledgeable on both physical and emotional wellness, and takes the time to develop the best course of action for each individual. In just one month I’ve been able to make changes in the foods I am eating and in my overall way of thinking. I’ve since experienced less stress and headaches, and more peace and energy. My advice to anyone considering working with Lauren is to schedule a phone conversation with her. You will quickly see the unique benefits her coaching can have in your life.

— Lauren

Working with Lauren was one of wisest decisions I’ve made in my life. Lauren is patient, insightful and encouraging. She truly has her clients best interests at heart. Working with Lauren has had a positive impact on all areas of my life. I’m feeling better and my skin is clear because I had the guidance to eat clean and go gluten-free. It was amazing to see and feel the results. Lauren has helped me make shifts in my life to manage stress/anxiety and learn to take really good care of myself. Lauren provides real life guidance in achieving all that you desire.

— Maureen

I have spent the past nine months being coached and trained by Lauren. Over this time she has helped me develop a more conscious and healthy relationship with food. She has taught me how to make better choices. As a barre and yoga instructor, Lauren is tough, but kind and extremely thoughtful about our workouts. I feel stronger and healthier and continue to work with her toward my goals through a mixture of yoga, weight training, cardio, and barre work. She has introduced me to meditation and other relaxation techniques to help calm my nervous system, and has taught me the importance of conscious breathing. She is helping me put together a system for a lifetime of better choices, and her support and knowledge have been invaluable throughout the process.

— Alison

Before working with Lauren, I was stuck in a rut of comfort and unhappiness. Our intensive session was really eye-opening for me. I was able to 100% trust and open up to Lauren because I knew she ‘got me.’ Before even getting on the phone with her, I discovered thoughts and feelings that I never knew I had simply by filling out her initial questionnaire. Lauren had a wonderfully personalized approach and she addressed every area of struggle that I had in our session.

— Danielle

Both of your June posts completely changed my life. I haven’t read such powerful stories in a long time! Thank you so much for how you’ve changed my life personally and also for allowing me to share these articles on my magazine!

— Elle Griffin