Arriving, Magic & Mentoring 5.14.15


Arriving, Magic & Mentoring

I'm relaxed.
I've released.
I've arrived.
I am home.
I couldn't hold it all together anymore, so I let myself fall apart.
Life caught me.
Coming back together again took a combination of hard work and magic.
Spiritual grit and effortless miracles.
Intuition and synchronicity led the way and I said yes to the assignments life handed me.
I accessed the knowledge we all share deep inside.
I learned, bit by bit, that my life is meant to work out.
I was shown my true nature and fell in love.
I went on long walks and would look up at the sky and out at the trees and would be reminded that I, we, belong in this universe.
It is our home.
A good home offers safety, protection, love and nurturance and this home we all share is no different.
I can't say it will be easy now but at least I won't be homesick.
A Course in Miracles tells us that happiness is our only function. It often doesn't feel this way because we've detoured into fear and have forgotten our way home to ourselves. Lately, coaching clients have told me that after working together, they now feel comfortable in their own skin. Here are some of their words...

"Working with Lauren didn't feel like work at all. It felt more like she was a guide who was bringing me back to myself."

"I now feel comfortable in my own skin."

"I've become more confident in myself and have the tools for staying that way."

At first, I thought, "what about that big life decision you made or how you lost 10 lbs or finally signed up for yoga teacher training or improved your relationships?"

Then I remembered that all of those things are a result of being comfortable in our own skin, of being at home with ourselves long enough to see our true self.

There are so many ways in which we run away from ourselves, distract ourselves, even with our own thoughts, feeling afraid of what we'll find if we slow dow and be with ourselves. We think we'll find what we're looking for in reaching external goals like money, relationships and weight loss and yes, having these things may make us feel better temporarily, but we can't truly sustain or enjoy them until we are a match for them on the inside.

We must first feel internally rich, light and loved. We do this by learning to embrace and love ourselves and by letting life in: embracing the magic that exists in this universe.

By looking at our fears, the ways in which we push away love and by slowing down enough to hear our inner voice and taking time for spiritual practice to remember who we really are.

Then, from this place we take actions, make decisions that truly serve us and those around us. Only then, do we truly have so much to offer and the room to receive.

summer mentoring

The summer mentoring program is a 3-month 1-1 program designed to help you to release stress and anxiety and connect to yourself so that you can step into your full potential in all areas of your life.

What you'll receive...

1-1 Coaching for 3-months (June, July & August)
3 x 45-minute Sessions/month
Email Support in between sessions
Resource & Recommendation list after each session
BONUSES: 4 Steps to Ditch Fatigue & Feel Energized Class & 15 Page Guidebook: How to Find & Live Your Purpose

Who this is for...

The intuitive, sensitive woman who wants to feel confident, peaceful and filled up by love. She wants her life to be beautiful and meaningful and of service to others.

The ambitious, intense and intellectual woman who knows her feelings are important yet is afraid to live from her heart. She wants to make an impact in an authentic way but is afraid to let go and embrace herself.

The thoughtful woman who wants to feel confident and calm on the inside no matter what's going on on the outside.

Some of the tools and topics we might cover include...

-Meditation and Daily Practices
-Intention Setting
-Dealing with Fear
-The importance of relaxation
-Eating whole foods to nourish mind/body/spirit
-Listening to your intuition
-Changing limiting beliefs

Investment: $247/month for 3 months

*Sessions are done over the phone. This way, you can be lying on the beach, in your bedroom, on your back deck or at the office on your lunch break. Scheduling will be flexible to accommodate summer travel.

To reserve your spot, email me @ with "Summer Mentoring" in the subject-line. Please introduce yourself and let me know why you are interested in participating in mentoring. We will get you signed up from there.

I would LOVE to work with you this summer.

Got questions? Send me an email @ with your questions and I'd be happy to answer them.





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