A Fresh Take on New Year’s Resolutions 1.6.15

This January, set aside a few hours to connect to the year 2015 in a gentle yet powerful way.  Quiet your mind and make yourself cozy.  Create that wrapped in a blanket, drinking your favorite cup of tea with a pet sprawled out in bliss on your lap kind of feeling (whether that’s what you are actually doing or not, and do not actually do this if you are allergic to said pet).

Bring your journal or a few note cards. Sit in meditation for a few minutes.  Connect to your heart space.  Sit with your beautiful self.  Self-love is an action.  Blast yourself with your own love.  Know that you already are worthy and sit in your worthiness.  No questions asked.

Imagine a box next to you.  Anytime fearful or negative thoughts or feelings arise during this time, just place them into the box and return to your heart.

Play some mood music that makes you feel alive.

Start by writing a gratitude list from 2014.  Allow yourself to feel into all of the feelings that arise as you make this list.  Fill up at least an entire page.  Yes you can!   Now write a list of celebrations from 2014.  What were your best moments?  Your A ha's?  Now ask yourself, what are you ready to let go of from 2014?  It is safe to feel into this.  You need to let go to create room for more.  I'll out myself here, I decided I needed to let go of excessive worrying about things I can't control and self-criticism.  Reflecting on 2014 I could see how much these things were creating suffering I didn't need or want to bring into 2015.

Now it’s 2015 time! Reflect on what you are REALLY wanting to bring to the surface this year in your life.  What qualities and feelings do you want to cultivate?  What do you want to create?  How do you want to feel?   What’s the next layer of your life experiencing asking for, pulling you towards? All the answers live inside of you.  You already are everything.  You already have everything.  Trust what arises.  Trust yourself.

Yes, a big part of life is growth, but really we’re just growing into what’s already inside of us.  We’re attracting things that are already divinely ours.  We are the home base.  Create goals from a place of self-love and trust that your life is meant to work out, it’s just waiting for you to believe it.

Create with love, self-worth and trust and you get miracles--expressions of love and faith based in your inherent worthiness. This activity and time is for you.  When the “shoulds” pop up like I should focus on X this year.  I should make X$ more.  I should try to be more organized.  I should get in a relationship etc.  Feel into if they are valid for YOU.  Is this how YOU are REALLY feeling?  Is that what YOU really want?  If not, toss the thoughts into the box.

Spend some time journaling about what arises for you as a result of this process.  Jot down feelings, thoughts, images, etc.  Make a list of anything specific that comes to mind in terms of action steps.  For example, you decide you want to feel energized and you remember that you’ve been wanting to try Zumba for years.  Jot down, try out Zumba class at the Y.

No need to plan out every last detail, in fact, you really don't want to do that.  Let the details will find you.  I use to be plagued by the HOWS.  This is about letting of control.  Partner with the universe.  Ask for help with creating what you desire.

If you quiet your mind and listen to the gentle whispers of your heart, you will know what to do.  If you love yourself, you will do what those whispers say and if you love yourself and you don't do what the whispers say, you will love yourself even more until the love strengthens you to ease your way into taking action.  It's not about changing yourself, it's about becoming more of yourself.

xo Lauren


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